Are Mermaid Crowns The New Flower Crowns?

 According to this article below from BuzzFeed, mermaid crowns are the new flower crowns.

If want to learn how to make your own mermaid headdress, we have group classes at The Headdress Workshop in Oakland where you can make one in just two hours using a glue gun. We have an amazing variety of materials for you to choose from. 

Some people love mermaid headdresses. Some people hate them. If you want to see more images check out our Mermaid Headdress board on Pinterest. 

@chelseasflowercrowns / Via 
Chelsea Shiels — a Melbourne-based crafter and owner of the Etsy shop Chelsea's Flower Crowns — has garnered over 80,000 followers on Instagram from posting her beautiful creations. "For my shells, I only use suppliers who are collecting from various polluted beaches — the shells are polished and given a new life instead of being crushed and used in concrete," Shiels told BuzzFeed. "My main supplier from Australia actually donates 30% of their profits to preserving the great barrier reef."
@chelseasflowercrowns / Via There are more than 4,000 posts logged under #mermaidcrown on Instagram showing people making and rocking these magical headpieces.

Some mermaid crowns are fit for Ariel's wedding to Prince Eric...

@clearly_golden / Via This creation from Fairy God-Mafia is so regal.

While others have more of an ~Ursula~ vibe.

@parishilton / Via Evil, but also serving you crown for days.
@mayamorastore / Via You can crown with all the colors of the wind.

And there are some that go all-white.

@clairyayin / Via So delicate.

And while some crowns feel a bit Bowser-inspired...

@alaskaurkween / Via Yassssss, Queen Koopa.

Still others are totally on-point for Princess Peach.

@pineapplestateofmind / Via The power of the Stars is restored to the castle...and it's all thanks to you!
@porcelainmonster / Via All that glitters is a gold mermaid crown.

Or opt to go *au naturel*.

@angelinaisola / Via It's not your fault you got plucked from the sea.

To get your hands on your own, you can buy or DIY one.

@aileailea / Via To make your own, you need a plastic crown or headband (you can get them from the dollar store), silver metallic pipe cleaners, assorted seashells, E-6000 glue, and a hot glue gun. Follow this video tutorial to get the deets.

Wear it to your badass mermaid wedding, for Halloween, on a Tinder date, or just the next time you want to spice things up at the grocery store.

Courtney-Paige Waithe / Via If you like it then you better put a mermaid crown on it.