A Flower Crown Crafting Birthday Party

Put the ART in Party

1 It is a fun activity that both your introvert and extrovert friends & family will enjoy.

2 Everyone leaves with a gift they love. Whatever your guests fashion style is - boho, goth, feminine - we have a wide variety of  crafting materials so they can design a headdress that fits their personality.

3 Where else can you make something fabulous to wear in just 2  hours? And since we use artificial flowers, the headdress will last for a long time.

4 Regardless of your body size/shape/height a headdress will look good on you. And they work with a variety of hairstyles as well.

5 A Headdress is gender neutral so both males and females can wear them. We have other materials besides artificial flowers that can be used for the headdress.

Our venue can accommodate up to 20 people. Minimum age for children is 10. Feel free to bring your own food, birthday cake alcohol and decorations to make the party perfect.

Our facility the following amenities
-sound system
-tv monitor
-full kitchen
-photo studio
-free street parking


Minimum group size is 6; maximum is 20.

For every 5 bookings, the 6th person is free.

$60 each for adults

$40 each for children (10 years and up)


You can book one of our Sunday classes OR send us an email to request a different day/time at info@theheaddressworkshop.com.