Classes en Espanol

Even though most of our Latina customers are bi-lingual, we wanted to provide the option of having a private class taught in Spanish. Not only was this a means of connecting them with their  heritage, but if they had older members of their family who weren’t  fluent in English, they would not feel left out.

 Here are some Latin themed events that are perfect for a floral corn headdress party.

Dia de los Muertos where you can create a headdress with items and symbols that were special to a deceased loved one that you want to honor. See examples on this Pinterest board.

Quinceneara pre-party for your family members, damas and madrinas to spend time together doing something relaxing before your big day. Plus many girls are opting to wear a floral crown instead of a tiara for the quinceneaera Here are quinceneara floral headdress examples on this Pinterest board

Frida Kahlo made wearing a floral headdress an every day fashion statement instead of for special events. Make a headdress in her honor during Hispanic Heritage month. Check out this Pinterest board for headdresses inspired by her style.

Our venue can accommodate up to 20 people. Minimum age for children is 10. Feel free to bring your own food, birthday cake alcohol and decorations to make the party perfect.

Our facility the following amenities
-sound system
-tv monitor
-full kitchen
-photo studio
-free street parking

You can book one of our Sunday classes OR send us an email to request a different day/time at