Ladies Night Out

Ladies Night Out aka G.N.O. used to be code for bar hopping with your bestie's.

When you gather at The Headdress Workshop instead of nursing a hangover the next day, you will be gazing at the amazing wearable art you made the night before. 

And then next time you and your BFF's go out together, everyone has the perfect fashion accessory for a their outfit.



Everyone get to choose the whatever style of headdress they want from our list of classes.

Even if people pick the same colors and textures, their design aesthetic will be different - so no two headdresses will look alike.  

We play the music of your choice on our sound system. Maybe you want to listen to something chill or music to get you in the mood to go party afterward class.

Group and individual photo's will be taken at the end of  class in our photo studio.

If you choose our Deluxe Package (see below) You can bring in your own refreshments and alcohol and use our onsite kitchen.

The Deluxe package also gives you the freedom to decorate the venue like your want, in case your are celebrating something special - a promotion, engagement, divorce, bonvoyage.


Deluxe Package  
This a 3 hour long rental which includes
- your choice of day/time
- 90 minutes for headdress class plus additional time for socializing, eating, opening gifts, etc 
-use of our kitchen facilities 
-option to decorate/customize our photo studio
-Breakdown and setup of any food and decorations you bring

Cost is $70 per person and the organizer is free.
A $300 venue rental fee.
Minimum of 6 people (not including the organizer) and maximum of 25

Budget Package Option
You and your guests book one of our 90 minute Sunday group classes on the same day.

This does not include the option to decorate, bring food/drinks or additional time for socializing and opening gifts.

$70 per person ( mermaid class is $10 more) The organizer does not get free admission. Minimum of 6 people and maximum of 12.

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