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Hector V - the extraordinary headdress designer

Hector Villacorta has over 20 years experience in the floral industry. His floral displays and living wall succulent displays are in the corporate lobbies of various businesses throughout the SF Bay Area.

While he is skilled at working with fresh foliage, his preference are life like faux flowers due to their longevity and flexibility. He has insider connections at both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Flower Mart and which allows him to acquire the most unique and on trend foliage and embellishments.

When Hector designs our custom floral headdresses, he loves the creative freedom to show the full range of his design skills that he can’t always express with corporate clients.

He draws inspiration from clothing designers like Alexander McQueen and floral designer Makoto Azuma, the florist who created the floral headdress Rihanna wore on U.K. edition of the September Vogue in 2018.

Although Hector likes to push the envelope and explore a range of styles and textures with the headdress, he also knows how to “listen to what the client” wants and deliver that.

So you can be confident that when you request a custom headdress with Hector he can interpret your vision and make a fabulous headdress that suits the unique you.