About Us

The Headdress Workshop is a venue and an experience.

The venue is a creative art space where people gather to design their own flower crown or fantasy headdress.

The experience is the therapeutic benefits of making something by hand and the feeling of joy when wearing a one of a kind headdress.

In 2019 a “happy accident” lead me to start The Headdress Workshop in Oakland, Ca. I was working at the other business I founded, Mannequin Madness, a company that recycles mannequins for retail chains.

One day we received a large quantity of mannequin heads from a cosmetology school. This was just after we recycled mannequins for Macy’s and they included faux flowers and foliage from their annual flower show. Some of the flowers were still attached to the mannequins.

The flowers were so beautiful and realistic looking, I asked my design team to find a way to repurpose them for display in our warehouse.

They took some of the mannequin heads and made elaborate flower crown headdresses on them. When customers saw the flower crowns they wanted to buy them – but my design team had permanently glued the flowers to the mannequin heads!

We were so focused finding a way to sell the mannequin heads, we didn’t see this opportunity with the headdresses. But we quickly regrouped and starting making custom headdresses and hosting Group Classes in our warehouse so people could experience the joy of designing their own headdresses.

Soon people were booking us for their Bachelorette parties, Birthday parties, and Team Bonding Activities Airbnb and Walmart booked us to have a booth at Community Engagement events they were sponsored so attendees could make a headdress.

See what I mean by a happy accident?

The Headdress Workshop brings together three of my favorite things - upcycling, creating community and inspiring the creativity in others.