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Our Story

I am Judi the owner of The Headdress Workshop. I also own Mannequin Madness, a 20 year old company that sells new and used mannequins. Let me explain the connection between the two businesses.  

When more individuals versus retailers began buying our used mannequins for art projects, Mannequin Madness was now a supplier to the indie maker movement. But we wanted to become more involved.

Then in 2018 when Beyonce and Rihanna wore floral crown headdresses on Vogue covers this was our opportunity.

They caused an explosion in the popularity of floral crowns. It was a “must have” fashion accessory, not limited to weddings or Coachella.

Our used mannequin heads were the ideal “canvas” for designing floral crown headdresses. Instead of a “paint and sip” class I could offer my community a “wine and design” class where they could leave WEARING the art they made.

I had just recycled a truckload of faux flowers from the Macy’s flower show. By using faux flowers, instead of real flowers, the headdresses could be sustainable fashion - something that could be worn over and over again.

I hired local artists to teach floral crown classes and one of them, Hector V, begin creating his own unique headdress designs. The classes and his custom designs were so popular, they needed their own website, hence The Headdress Workshop. 

It has been so rewarding to watch people make beautiful headdresses, many of whom thought they had limited artistic talent.

Every headdress is beautiful, and just like snowflakes, no two are alike even when made out of the same materials. I hope you join us one day and make yours.