About Us

Hi I am Judi Henderson, the owner of The Headdress Workshop.

Twenty-five years ago I read the book, The Artist's Way, it changed my life from working in marketing at Fortune 100 companies to a stint at a dot com start up to eventually starting my own business in the creative arts.  

If you want the cliff notes about my journey check out this video that ABC did on The Headdress Workshop. 

Or this video by Bloomberg Quicktakes about my other business, Mannequin Madness, which is the "birthplace" of The Headdress Workshop.

The Headdress Workshop was unplanned, side hustle that started because I was recycling mannequins from Macy's with my primary business,
Mannequin Madness.  

Macy's knew our commitment to sustainability so they asked if we could also recycle the leftover faux flowers and foliage from their annual flower show.

We had no idea WHAT we were going to do with the foliage, some of which was attached to the mannequins. 

But it was too beautiful too pass up and we didn't want it to go to the dumpster, so we said yes.

When we brought everything back to our warehouse my very creative design team thought it would be fun to attach the flowers to the used mannequin heads we had acquired earlier from a cosmetology school. 

They made some very elaborate designs on the heads and we displayed them as decoration around the showroom.

When customers who came to our showroom to buy a mannequin saw the flower crowns on the used heads they wanted to purchase the headdress.  But the flowers were permanently glued to the mannequin heads!

This was right around the time when the "Paint and Sip" parties started trending. So we decided to host our version of Wine and Design and give people the option to make art they could wear. 

We started offering different types of materials so people could make other style headdresses beside flower crowns. And we often scoured places like thrift stores and Creative Reuse to find recycled jewelry and other embellishments for a headdress. 

Soon people were booking our classes for corporate team building activities, birthday parties and bachelorette parties.

In Feb 2020, Walmart hired us to provide a free headdress making booth at the Black Joy Parade they were sponsoring in Oakland.

Then a few weeks later after the parade, Covid hit and everything changed.

We resumed our classes in 2021 but reduced the class size and our focus now includes art as a tool for healing as well as to have fun.

Not that we are art therapists, but we have seen how transformative it is when people detach from technology, connect with others and make something with their hands. We just provide the forum for the magic to happen.