Our Unique Venue

The Headdress Workshop is inside the showroom of one of the most unique venues in the Bay Area. It is a magical, mystical mannequin parlor filled with all kinds of mannequins and dress forms. Unless you have worked in the visual merchandising department of a major retail store, you’ve never seen anything like this.

The reason for the all the mannequins is The Headdress Workshop is a division of Mannequin Madness. Mannequin Madness, established in 2001, sells used mannequins from their Oakland warehouse and new mannequins online.

One day when the company received over 300 used mannequin heads they decided to make headdresses on the heads to decorate the showroom. The headdresses were so amazing people wanted to wear them but they were permanently glued to the mannequin heads. This was an AHA moment since Mannequin Madness already had a strong following in the DIY community. So we decided to carve out some space in our showroom to create a crafting space to teach headdress making classes.

Amenities At Our Venue

-wide screen monitor for displaying images or videos

-photo studio

-full kitchen

-private bathroom

-free street parking

-wheelchair accessible BUT the bathroom is not. However we have a good relationship with the restaurant across the street and they let us use their wheelchair accessible restroom