Team Building Events & Business Outings

Our headdress making class is a group activity, yet people create wearable art that is personalized to them. Styles range from cosplay to something traditional to wear to a wedding. This is an activity that both the introverts and extroverts on your team will enjoy. Conversations can meander while hands are kept busy and people listen to their own internal voice as they make in solitude.

Headdresses are gender neutral and look good on all ages, body shapes and sizes. We have a range of materials for the headdress that will appeal to both men and women. 

Everyone leaves with a tangible reminder of this experience together. Plus our facility is located in a mannequin warehouse - something you don't see everyday - which makes this outing even more memorable.

Amenities we have on site;

-sound system

-wide screen tv monitor

-full kitchen if you want to bring in a caterer or make it pot luck

-private bathroom (it is not wheel chair accessible, but the restaurant across the street is and they give us access

-photo studio for a group photo

-free street parking


You can book one of our Sunday classes OR send us an email to request a different day/time at