Community Engagement 


Our mobile version our Headdress Workshop classes is an interactive activity where attendees can make a custom headdress.
We were hired by Airbnb to host a headdress making activity at one of their community engagement events in San Francisco.
Walmart hired us to have a headdress making booth at The Black Joy Parade. 

The materials we bring allow most people to make a headdress in 20-30 minutes instead of the usual 90 minutes for the elaborate headdresses made at our facility.

We bring only faux flowers and foliage - so nothing wilts by the end of the day. And your attendees can wear their headdress over and over again. 

If you want the attendees to make headdresses in the colors of your corporate logo or sports team we can bring flowers and materials in those colors. 


Here are five benefits for hiring us for your community engagement event.

1 Attendees will leave wearing a souvenir that they made by hand. People tend to value things that they made by hand and by association they will value you.

2 Every time they wear the headdress they will remember where they were when they made it. This means they will have a lasting impression of your company long after the event has ended.

3 The experience of creating something by hand is calming, decreases stress and relieves anxiety.

4 This a participatory event that people of all ages, genders and skill sets can enjoy. 

5 This activity appeals to both the introvert and the extrovert


Price varies depending upon the location, number of attendees and how many hours you book us.

Please send us an email with those details and we will get back to you.