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Headdress Making Class - Wakanda Style

The spirit of Wakanda was the motivation for creating this special headdress class.

You can either design a floral crown headdress with an Afro-Futurisitc vibe or design one inspired by the African goddesses - Oshun, Oya and Yemaya (also called Mama Wata) this class for you. For a brief description of each goddess see this article.

The class is taught by Nedra Williams a multi media collage artist and Yorùba priestess. So in addition to sharing tricks and tips for constructing your headdress, she can also answer questions about the Orisha and suggest rituals if you are interested in conjuring their energy into you life.

We have wide selection of materials that reflect the textures and symbols specific to each Orisha as well as faux flowers in colors associated with them.

To get an idea of the type of headdress you can create check out this Pinterest board. And for an article about why making a headdress is a good thing to do, check out this blog post.

Class is fee is $60

Includes all materials, light refreshments & instruction. And we listen to a world beat playlist while crafting.

Bring a friend and the second person is 50% off. Use this code at checkout: MyFriend.